January Report

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has faced multiple pandemics during the last 10 years including Ebola that caused many fatalities. Building from that experience, many mayors have established programs to improve the resiliency of their cities. The goal is to be better prepared to manage first and second order impacts of pandemics like COVID-19. Since March 2020, the country has experienced a rise in COVID-19 cases. Given the limited resources on both the national and local levels, the DRC has not been able to build the necessary screening capacity to better identify and report on COVID-19 cases and December 2020 has only made that a more pressing issue.

April Report

South Kivu Province is one of the 23 Provinces in DRC affected by the COVID-19 pandemic since its surfaced in March 2020. From the beginning of the pandemic, surveillance and response teams have been working to stop the spread of the disease. Preventive measures have been taken at both the national (President’s 13 new regulations) and the provincial (Governor Decree) levels. These new guidelines have been followed with difficulty by a population already traumatized by other catastrophes such as wars, natural disasters, pandemics; Consequently, the current pandemic has only exacerbated the previous negative impacts felt by the population by means of flooding and an ongoing socio-economic and political crisis.

June Report

From April to June 2021, the city of Bukavu registered a total of 80 positive COVID-19 cases. Approximately 90% of those positive cases were registered from in the IBANDA municipality (Health Zone), which identified IBANDA as the most affected municipality in the city of Bukavu.

The months of April, May, and June 2021 were characterized by the continued vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in Bukavu. However, vaccination is still a controversial subject among the population of Bukavu due to rumors conveyed by social networks and international media sources. As result, it is difficult for people to adhere to the vaccination guidelines, and it has been observed that there are no more “Get Vaccinated” alerts being broadcasted. This has triggered an increase in self-medication and management by health centers for cases meeting the definition of COVID-19 without the official diagnosis. It should also be noted that the nurses’ strike during the month of June 2021 has impacted the city’s ability t continuously monitor cases that met the definition of COVID-19.