The cities COVID Mitigation Mapping Program C2M2 and Secondary cities projects S2 builds on a global networks of geospatial experts to analyze the second –order impacts of COVID 19, the goal of the program is to increase the capacity to understand the distributions and gaps in resources available to vulnerable populations in urban communities.

 In order to instigate COVID 19 Second-order impacts, the project is focused on the understanding, distribution and gaps of resources available in urban communities by making it possible to have recourse of open data and geospatial technologies to build up international cooperation and generate new data.

Therefore, getting to know the current status of COVID 19 Pandemic, then describe the economy and vulnerability of populations in those countries was necessary to apply Project focus, then results obtained from the c2m2 based on analytic framework, to progress on tools for Data collection and management to finally create and make available Data sharing, software for Data analyses

 In Africa, the pandemic has gradually evolved, which has given African countries time to better manage the second-order of the pandemic. The Africa Hub project focuses on three countries which are KENYA; MOZAMBIQUE and DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO. The project is based on the second-order impact analysis on services such as education; formal and informal economy; tourism; food security; health, water; mobility and goes beyond to promote national and international exchanges and partnerships.