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We support resilience and capacity building through geospatial data.

Our goal is to enable local governments better understand and mitigate natural and human-made disasters and absorb the impact of economic, environmental, and social hazards. We do so by establishing partnerships to identify and create local digital maps and other datasets documenting key community resources and underlying infrastructure that are important to improve resiliency and decision support.

Discover Cities Navigator

Cities Navigator is a mobile application that enables governments and cities to improve their resiliency and emergency preparedness. It features a mass communication app, online citizen services, step by step and a dashboard for decision support. With its streamlined configuration capabilities, we can onboard a new country within 5 days using an existing OSM map.

We leverage participatory mapping and have built a simplified interface and process to quickly add service points. In addition, the solution enables service providers like hospitals, pharmacies, gas station, trash collectors to provide real time availability information for their services or critical products.


Team Working Dedicatedly

The Africa Hub supports the cataloging of existing data on, and assessments of, impacts on their cities and citizens.


A network of global geospatial experts

The Participatory Mapping Partnership (PMP) is a network of global geospatial experts that facilitate geospatial approaches for place-based, data-driven decision making.

Our emphasis

On rapidly growing, underexamined communities and vulnerable populations that require local data to address basic needs and promote resilience and sustainability

We work across Africa

We are currently working in many Africa countries incl. Cameroon, DRC, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Uganda.

Sample activities include:

  • Geospatial workshops with focus on cities vs. regions or countries.
  • Thematic Mapathons
  • Join proposals with Other Hubs
  • Developing methodologies for data collection and visualization
  • Publishing papers based on project work
  • Fostering collaboration between cities on relevant projects to enable knowledge sharing
  • Expanding collaboration within the GIS network incl. local NGOs, Youth Mappers…
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